Talk Tuesdays With Tilly: Are Leave Out Installs A Thing Of The Past?

I’ve been hearing this statement going around that no one wears “leave outs” anymore. For those who are not familiar with that term, that’s when you get a weave with some of your hair left out. However my pretti pies, this is not true and it is not going anywhere.

Closures, frontal installs, and wigs are amazing when done right. Especially when you have such issues as hair loss, created by alopecia and chemotherapy. There are some women who will never be comfortable with wearing wigs. They do not want to remove the hair at night, they don’t want the pressure of having to re-apply the glue or getting it fixed, once the lace or silk base lifts up. Don’t get me wrong some closure installs look like it’s really growing out of your scalp, but there shall never be anything more natural than a closure install.

Weave install with leave out.
Source: @alwayzpretti
Frontal Wig Unit
Source: @alwayzpretti

New ways of installing weaves will always emerge, but the original is here to stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brought the Jerry curl back. What are your thoughts on this let me know below?

Stop Defining Yourself By Society’s Standards

So many times we caught up in what society says your mental state should be. How we’re suppose to act as a male or female, why the way we are is because of what we lacked as a child. Although it may be true for some, it is not true for all. I grow weary of these statements like “I didn’t have a father so I pick the wrong men”, or “Their parents didn’t  train them well, that it is why they are like that”. Let’s stop this as soon as possible. I find that many people need to attach them self to a problem instead of a solution. Society and it’s standards  are not always right.

I myself did not grow up with a father in my household, yet I don’t have daddy issues. My mother never bashed my father despite the situation. So I never grew up thinking all men are this and that. There are single mothers and fathers that raise strong children. We have to take accountability of what we pick and what we look for. We don’t celebrate the highs of our communities we dwell on the negatives of them. Urban aka “the ghetto neighborhoods”,  have some of the smartest children and many come out to be successful. Do we talk about that? Not really. We unconsciously celebrate downfalls, without celebrating the uprising. Self diagnosing something to society’s standards will have you nowhere, but self medicating to bullshit it prescribes to you. Perfect example of this, is when Trump said Haitians and Africans come from shit hole countries. Society only shows you the bad parts of these countries and not the beautiful parts of them.

There are children who were raised with two parents, had everything they wanted, loved and still find themselves in trouble. Teenage mothers who still achieved and reached success. There are good men out here too, who are good fathers and husbands, but we are not patient enough to see it or believe it. He or she may have more than one child, or multiple  partners for the children that doesn’t mean they are not worth having some one who is good to them. They might not have had the self-worth or the realization that they are picking the wrong one. We have become so use to the standard of what society says and not what God says.

When one truly begins the journey of life, we start to celebrate our highs and not our lows. You learn that images and reasoning of society are created  to keep us in our slumber. Wake up! Mistakes and our past are for us to learn and gain wisdom, so that we may pass on good words of strength to others. Not to look for an excuse to stay as we are. Let go and stop stigmatizing yourself.  You are enough, you will make it, you’re not too old, someone will love you and you can beat the odds. Refresh you thinking pattern.

Pretti Pie Of The Month: Meet Nikhol Hing The Newest Member To Love And Hip Hop Miami

Although Nikhol Hing, also known as Chinese Nicky,  is one of the new faces of  VH1’s Love And Hip Hop the Miami edition. The multi-faceted queen is not new to the scene. Nikhol has been about her business for a long time now. Working behind the scenes, freelance stylist, being a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and entertainment manager. This is why she is our Pretti Pie of the month. I got a chance to chat with Nikhol, she is more than meets the eye. Let’s check out what she had to say.

AlwayzPretti: Hello Nikhol, I’m so excited about Love and Hip Hop Miami. It looks like its going to give Atlanta a run for its money.

Nikhol Hing: Aww thank you.

Alwayzpretti: Tell me a little about yourself.  You’re Guyanese and grew up in Brooklyn. What was that like?

Nikhol Hing: I was bullied a lot. I never fit in, because I looked different. They would say I’m not black enough or Asian enough. I went through an identity crisis after a while, that I got over. Learning how to defend myself and accepting who I am.

AlwayzPretti: Wow! Bullying is very much here and present, so many children are committing suicide because of this. What advice would you give children?

Nikhol Hing: I would say be very vocal find a family member or someone you trust and just talk it out. Tell someone. I lost a family member to this and I just want kids to open up more.

AlwayzPretti: So I did some research. You are not new to this at all. Who have you worked with?

Nikhol Hing: I’ve worked with Source Magazine, MTV, BET to name a few. I have been stylist behind the scenes. I love fashion.

Alwayzpretti: How did you get into fashion and having your own line and boutique?

Nikhol Hing:  I  graduated from F.I.T and I always loved fashion and being creative. Working as a stylist you know, I would always work according to the client’s personality. I believe in that and sometimes I would add-on. The clothes wouldn’t fit what I was going for. So I would use paper or bags anything, making a whole outfit. Then I figured if I can do this I can do it for myself. creating my own line.

AlwayzPretti: I also love the fact that you are a co-owner of King of Diamonds as well as other businesses and your own boutique in Miami. I was so intrigued by that. Can you tell me a bit more? Who do you co-own with?

Nikhol Hing:  I co-own King Of Diamonds with Akinyele, ( rapper of Put In Your Mouth). We use to have the first black gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas that got shut down to the politics of the business and how Las Vegas is. As well as other nightclubs including VLive and others.

AlwayzPretti: Akinyele! You never know who’s behind the scenes. You are really out there doing your thing. What can we expect from you on this season of LAHHM? Will you be a firecracker?

Nikhol Hing: I’m always a firecracker. I’m outspoken, I will address people if I feel like there’s bullying going on. I’m being myself.

AlwayzPretti: I also see that your daughter Chinese Kitty will be on the show with you.

Nikhol Hing: Yes she will. We will have scenes together. We are a package deal because she is my daughter, but she will have her own scenes and me as well and some together.

AlwayzPretti: I love talking to you and I look forward to seeing you on the show and wish much more success and blessings.

Nikhol Hing: Thank you so much.

Check out Nikhol Hing Mondays on VH1′ Love And Hip Hop Miami. You can also follow her on instagram @ChineseNicky, and if your ever in Miami be sure to stop by her boutique Klotth

Check out Chinese Kitty’s single On Me now available on sound cloud
Source: @ChineseKitty


Over Sharing: Is Privacy A Thing Of The Past?

I love social media just as well as the next person. I mean its one of the best ways to promote yourself, but I’m starting to think it can be one’s downfall. When do sharing things become over sharing? As in putting too much of your private life on there, or announcing your every move. It seems to be somewhat of a setup if you ask me.

Most of the times you put your personal business out there and everyone is reading. Some might care and most do not, its entertainment for some. Just another thing to screenshot and talk about. Finding you are being mad about someone gossiping about you or writing crude comments. Excuse me, you just put your whole business out there for someone to pick at. Although there will be times it is laid on your heart to share a personal matter, that might just help the next person. You must have some sort of separation from your life. Being private and doing so does not mean you are not “keeping it real”.

Society has turned us into attention monsters, that we crave it. we say what we are doing before we are doing even if it is not in the works. Hearts and thumbs up have become our void filler. Where does our reality lie with then? I found that keeping certain things for myself is better. I dismiss the need to be accepted, those who wait to see me fail at anything and those who are just plain nosey. I create in silence and put it out there humbly with the belief that God will bless it and someone near and far will love or like it.

Find yourself a great person to talk to. That is honest and sincere. Keep building and putting the best you out there. The real you will be noticed.

Save or Splurge

source: Nene Leakes @instagram
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Nene Leakes appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo last night. Wearing an olive-green netted two-piece set from her boutique called SWAGG. She looked awesome pairing it with Gianvito Rossi $498 (now on sale) Sauvage booties. My mouth watered but quickly dried up when I saw the price. As usual, your girl went on the hunt for something more affordable. Don’t worry,  I got you. Check this out. I found a very similar pair on for $51.99. What do u think to save or splurge?