Are You Creating an Imaginary Hate Train?

Screenshot_20180719-165722_GoogleScrolling, like, skip, scroll some more, then read. Most the captions or memes either say ” don’t hate because I’m trying to stand out”, or some crap like that. In this time and age everyone has haters for some reason or another. Social media is creating us to over think our lives and other people’s lives as well. A lot of pretending goes on in the lovely land of the internet. Which leads me to believe your haters could be made up in your little old head! I think having haters is becoming some kind of trend.  : tilts head a laughs :

“They didn’t  like my picture or comment. He or she is hating,  I’ve been doing  this for mad long”. Chile relax. The door is only cracked and you’re creating a shit storm in your head.  We are letting our minds  be trained into thinking hate equals success. When most of us are not even where God wants us to be physically and mentally.  Stop, breath, and meditate. We really need a reality check in our lives as a whole. This is a test from God, he has  only allowed the door to be cracked, and your head is so swollen that it can’t  fit through the crack, so that it can be  fully open. Makes you wonder why so many of us are on pause.Screenshot_20180719-170615_Google

We equate success with hate because as we scroll we are peering at celebs and influencers being hated on. So we believe they have to be doing good. We don’t pay attention to the hard work or the lack there is at time. Success means so many things to different people. Success only means one thing. Working hard to achieve a goal and living life from it. Followers and or likes are not the equivalent to it. Unless there is some monetary gain and real happiness out of it. You might have ten thousand followers and your bank account is on empty and as well  as your soul. This is the world you  can be apart of, or you can attend reality like the rest of us.

Don’t look at the future with your eyes, look at it with your mind and faith. Facts of life and the attitude of the mind, must follow truth. There’s a saying that pictures tell a thousand stories. That saying is overrated, because are they true. That picture could be telling a thousand lies and it’s sold to the person who wants to believe it.Screenshot_20180719-170420_Google.jpg

I never want to say humility is a thing if the past because so many of us have learned life’s lesson to be just that, humble. In hindsight what you create is what you live. You make the choice to feel like its constant negative coming your way. Which creates your atmosphere. Not really good for anybody, right.  Positivity makes a force field no one can break into that easy.  Allow that to be your focus and not the hate train we build in our heads.

Love and light to all.



The Awakening !

Have you ever felt like you’re going through the same scenario over and over again? Whether its relationships with people, or goals, and feeling stuck. Sometimes  you blame yourself for having ” bad luck “. Well maybe you just have to change what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

Before the summer started, I decided to take a solo vacation. I said to myself I need a break. So much was going on and I don’t think I coped with it. I brushed a lot of things under the rug. Leaving a big mental mess. People asked me who are you going with. I replied ” By myself “. The laughed and replied ” You’re crazy “.  but I knew it had to be done. To replenish myself. I loved it and will do it again. We have to know ourselves truly before moving forward. I wanted to use this vacation as my “Get Back” and that’s exactly  what it did !C360_2018-07-17-10-21-19-200.jpg

I know for a fact, that no matter how real you can keep it, or how honest and genuine you can be. You will most likely be used and end up being the bad guy. Sounds messed up, right! Of course it is. Let me just make this clear, everyone will not like you. They might not have a reason, you probably emulate something they can’t or is not ready to be. So they are in anger with themselves. Yes, I said with themselves and it is taken out on you. God watches how you treat people and value you them. That is the most important part. Never change that way about yourself, even if others can’t accept it.

We often have a conflict with continuing to be nice to others. Taking our past experiences out on the people who are in the present. I disagree with that. Why should you change your character . Always be true to you first. Learn how to discern how much of yourself you are giving  to the takers of the world. The ones who have nothing to give you mentally, because this is not just based on the physical.  It’s ok to cut off what no longer serves, where you are headed in life.  Each person has a level field they are playing on. All of them will not be on the same team. DSC00610.JPG

Becoming the bad guy for a good reason, I have learned is not a bad thing. For whatever is not true will be revealed. Don’t worry about it. Yes, you will be hurt and discouraged on who to  trust and let enter into your life. Use them as lessons on what not to do next time. Mark the behaviors of yourself as well. We can’t predict what will and won’t happen, but what we can do is pay attention.

It’s great to want to work and talk things out. As well as you should leave the cards where they fall and watch the game play out.  I used to get so angry and confused about people not being the same way I am to them. I’m learning when I should fall back. I’m not all the way there yet but it is satisfying to my mental health.  I can laugh now as well as be at peace knowing I won’t let these situations deter me from being a loving person.

Don’t Assume And Wish Me Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s day is approaching and you will see more  mother’s being wished Happy Father’s Day than actual men. I started noticing this when people would wish me this. For some reason it would annoy me. First, you’re assuming that I’m a single parent. No, I am not. My son has a great father and I know so many awesome men that are great. That spend time with children and nurture and provide for them.

Yes, there are many mothers  with out fathers for their children, but we don’t give men enough credit. The role of men not being strong, or simply not being there, has played a narrative for a long time. We simply look pass those who are great men. Who know their roles as husbands and fathers.

Image cred Pinterest. Com

Negative and positive plays a role in all cultures and in both genders. For every bad father there is an equal amount of bad mothers. Leaving men to be single parents as well. Do we talk about the women like that. We still wish them Happy Mother’s Day simply because they gave birth, which is wrong. Please  I’ll say if you’re not shit in a second, but can still point out your positive attributes. So this is not a bashing session.

@justbwlr and beautiful daughters

We have to start celebrating the “good men” just as well as we tell women to be strong and confident.  Especially if you are raising young men. Show them they can be great. Point out great men you know, or know of. Let’s stop  celebrating the negativity and shine light on the positive attributes!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great men out there!  Bless up!

Posting A Meme Isn’t Going To Change The Way He Deals With You.

tumblr_mwahnxIW3W1ql5yr7o1_r1_500.gifOh, he thinks that he can treat me this way. Let me get on all forms of social media and post memes of how I feel. Honey, he or she is probably not even going to see or care. Why do we think that’s relationship etiquette. He probably will like a picture when you put on something right again. Take a breather and re-evaluate the situation or situationship.

Set your standard of how one treats you. Is probably a better solution of communicating what you’re not dealing with. We have replaced our dignity and self-worth with pictures. No one is a mind reader. If you’re allowing someone to come and go as they please, or  treat you in they way you don’t want. Why do you expect them to respect  a meme about a relationship?

It’s  either people are ready for certain commitments or not.  You have to be the one  to decide if you’re in for the games.  Being sure of yourself can let a person change as well, if they want too.  Even though a person might come to play,  they can see that they won’t be able to win at these games and change for the better. The time that we take to try to make others see the value in us, should be invested in you. Seeking the value in yourself first. That’s when everything starts to make sense. Real men and women are not interested in the interaction of weakness and insecurities. Only those  who are settlers, unsure, and not ready are.

The image that God created you in, which is the image of him and all his glory. That wasn’t created and thought of, for it simply to be mistreated. What we must recognize is that when you against the grain, that’s when real situations appear.

There’s A Difference Between D**k Riding And Sincerely Being Genuinely Supportive.

You’re so dope. I absolutely love what you do. Keep up the good work.

Social media has open a platform where you can root for someone you don’t even know personally. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love to see people winning and living out their dreams. Conquering each fear one by one.

It takes nothing to give out encouragement, repost, hit the like button, donate and so on and so forth. How ever you have ones who will only do it to those who are very popular. Just trying to see if they can get close to the person or seeing if they can get put on. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m calling it how I see it. So many times you have seen this and then the minute you haven’t recieved what you set out to get. You no longer like the person. You’re still following the person. Not because you like the content their putting out, but because you want to see if the person fails or not. Just click the damn unfollow button please.Screenshot_20180611-200346_Instagram.jpg

We are in a society where we only respect those who are doing better, rather than those who are struggling to get there and working hard. If you’re a true supporter, you would understand what it takes and root for the finish line of anyone. Women and men will start support groups and one by one it diminishes as  jealousy sets in about one another, or feels like one doesn’t deserve the achievements. Take a step back for a minute and look at yourself. It is okay to have slight jealousy, in a good way of course. Meaning you should be happy and also having the feeling, that you hope one day it can happen for you as well.

We know not the day it will happen for us. So keep your energy clean and true to yourself. You wont have to ride some else’s coat tail to get what’s meant for you.